ZAFA High-Speed Steam Generators

Product line:

Apart from thermal oil heaters and natural circulation steam generators, the ZAFA product line includes High-speed steam generators in different construction sizes with steam powers from 100 to 4000 kg/h and positive operating pressures of 13 bar in the standard version and up to 70 bar as special construction. Optionally according to output in vertical as well as horizontal design.


ZAFA High-speed steam generators are designed on the basis of the water tube boiler as once-through boiler in three-way construction. On the basis of this construction type, the operator has saturated steam to full load within a few minutes after the start.

The production ensues exclusively on the ZAFA company premises, according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and the set of regulations EN 12952 with type examination and CE marks.

Parallel to the process-accompanying quality assurance procedure, each ZAFA High-speed steam generator undergoes a function check after being assembled as a ready-to-use, ready-to-connect unit.

Apart from our robust design, we have paid especial attention to the following in the construction as well as with the equipment of the plants:

  • Optimisation of the heat surface load
  • Optimum economic efficiency
  • High reliability standard
  • Cost saving maintenance due to good accessibility
  • Simple and safe operability
  • Equipment solely with proven proprietary brands
  • Favourable price performance ratio

All these things are beneficial for the operator and above all things are reflected in:

  • Reduction of the NOx values
  • Benefit for the service life
  • Reduction of operating costs

Characteristic features

Steam pressure control

The power control (pressure regulation) does not take place as usual via mechanical pressure switch, but via a JUMO process controller, i.e. the switch on and switch off pressure can simply be adjusted by pressing a key Boiler control “modulating”

If necessary, the boiler control can also ensue in modulating operation between 40 and 100%. The adjustment of the water quantity to the energy quantity is guaranteed here by a frequency converter on the feed water pump. With steam offtake in the setpoint range, thus the adjusted positive operating pressure is kept constant.

Modular design

Contrary to the two-stage power control (pressure control), we have the option “Modulating boiler control between 40 and 100 % with gas-fired plants. The amount of water required for this amount of energy is ensured through the use of a frequency-controlled feed water pump. If the steam loss in the control range of the system, the set value (working pressure) is largely kept constant.

Automatic start up

Another option is setting “Automatic start up”, i.e. this automatic starter enables automatic start-up operation, taking out of operation as well as the daily necessary backwashing (remove sludging). This operation is made possible with control valves, a thermostat and a Siemens LOGO control.


Apart from the high speed steam generators, our product range includes all components necessary for a steam system such as:

  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • Water separator
  • Feed water tanks
  • Water treatment plants
  • Osmosis plants
  • Dosing plants
  • Mixing coolers or sludge tanks
  • Steam pressure reduction station

Whichever task it is you ask us to do, we undertake to work out a solution satisfactory for you.



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