ZAFA Natural Circulation Steam Generators

Product line:

Apart from thermal oil heaters and high speed steam generators, the ZAFA product line includes Natural circulation steam generators in different construction sizes with powers from 200 to 2900 kW and positive operating pressures of 80 and 95 bar in vertical design.


ZAFA Natural circulation steam generators for high pressure steam are designed on the basis of the natural circulation boiler in three-way construction. Steam generators of this series can only functionally operate in vertical execution, because they work in a hermetically sealed system without feed water pump. Requirement for this is a 100% condensate return and a user load (heat exchanger) which has to be installed above the boiler plant.

Serving as a heat carrier is purified boiler water which is in the circulation as steam and condensate, and does not have to be consistently renewed as with conventional steam systems, so that regular maintenances for the main part can be cancelled and thus the operating costs are considerably reduced.

The production ensues exclusively on the ZAFA company premises, according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68EU and the set of regulations AD 2000 and EN 12952 with TÜV approval and with CE mark.

Parallel to the process-accompanying quality assurance procedure, each ZAFA Natural circulation steam generator undergoes a function check after being assembled as a ready-to-use, ready-to-connect unit.

Apart from our robust design, we have paid especial attention to the following in the construction as well as with the equipment of the plants:

  • Optimisation of the heat surface load
  • Optimum economic efficiency
  • High reliability standard
  • Cost saving maintenance due to good accessibility
  • Simple and safe operability
  • Equipment solely with proven proprietary brands
  • Favourable price performance ratio

All these things are beneficial for the operator and above all things are reflected in:

  • Reduction of the NOx values
  • Benefit for the service life
  • Reduction of operating costs


Apart from the Natural circulation steam generators, our product range includes all components necessary for such a steam system such as:

  • Expansion vessels
  • Filling pumps

Whichever task it is you ask us to do, we undertake to work out a solution satisfactory for you.


Technical Data

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BBox_2 x NKD 800
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