ZAFA Thermal Oil Heater

Product line:

Apart from natural circulation steam generators and high speed steam generators, the ZAFA product line includes Thermal oil heaters in different construction sizes, with heat outputs of 116 to 5800 kW, supply temperatures up to 350°C and temperature differences between 20, 25 and 40°C. Optionally according to output in both vertical as well as horizontal design.


ZAFA Thermal oil heaters for heat transfer thermal oil according to DIN 4754 are designed on the basis of a forced circulation heater in three-way construction. The pressure hull consists of a cylindrical combustion chamber (radiation part) and a downstream convection heating surface.

The production ensues exclusively in the ZAFA company premises, according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and the set of regulations AD 2000 with CE mark.

Parallel to the process-accompanying quality assurance procedure, each ZAFA Thermal oil heater undergoes a function check after being assembled to a ready-to-use, ready-to-connect unit.

Apart from our robust design, we have paid especial attention to the following in construction as well as with the equipment:

  • Optimisation of the heat surface load
  • Minimal oil side pressure loss
  • Minimal film temperature of the heat carrier
  • High reliability standard
  • Simple and safe operability
  • Cost saving maintenance due to good accessibility
  • Equipment solely with proven proprietary brands
  • Favourable price performance ratio

All these things are beneficial for the operator and above all things are reflected in:

  • Reduction of the NOx values
  • Benefit for the service life
  • Durability of the heat carrier
  • Reduction of operating costs


Apart from the boilers, our product range includes all components necessary for a thermal oil plant such as:

  • Drain vessels
  • Expansion vessels
  • Secondary circuits
  • Regulator circuits
  • Fittings

Whichever task it is you ask us to do, we undertake to work out a solution satisfactory for you.




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